There are several reasons why you might not be able to see the Gustazo you purchased. 

The most common reasons for this are:

  • Wrong email

    The email account you are using to log in is not the same one that you used for the purchase. Please verify with any other email accounts (even old ones!) that have had to see if any of those is the one with the Gustazo that you are trying to redeem.

  • The purchase was not completed

    There are some instances in which the payment did not go through completely. If you have the charge in your bank statement, please contact us immediately. There is a chance that you will see the charge in your bank statement but the payment did not go through. When this happens, the bank will let you know if the payment was placed on hold or in transit. These charges will never get to us and the bank will make the money available in a few days. If the payment did go through and we have it registered in our system we will enable the voucher and it will show up in your account.

  • The voucher has expired

    In this modern world, we often forget to stop and enjoy life, and sometimes we forget that awesome dinner experience we purchased months ago in Gustazos. If this is your case (you are not alone!). You are still able to search for your Gustazo in the My Gustazos section, under "Expired". See the section:  What happens if my Gustazos expired.

  • The voucher has been previously refunded

    Sometimes clients forget to redeem, and sometimes you might forget that you already submitted a ticket for a refund of that Gustazo. Once you submit a ticket for a refund and the Gustazo has been refunded, we are not able to enable it. All refunds are final.